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Inpatient Hospice

caregiver with her patient suffering from a progressive disease

Inpatient level of care may be required when hospice patients symptoms worsen or can no longer be managed successfully at home. When pain or symptoms cannot be controlled with routine hospice home care, the patient will require extra assistance or more advanced medical attention until the symptoms subside. Mesun Health Services, Inc. team works attentively to control these symptoms in order to make the patient comfortable and safe. In some cases, the patient may need to be temporarily placed at our Medicare certified hospice facility. At this “inpatient” level of care, a real-time assessment of the patient’s condition and their symptom status will be evaluated and a proper course of action will be taken in order to regain symptom control. The hospice care team and the patient’s physician(s) work together to ensure the patient achieves and maintains a tolerable level of comfort. Once pain and symptom management have been achieved, the patient can return home and resume routine hospice home care.

Typically, Inpatient Hospice Care is performed for a brief period of time that is necessary to manage acute symptoms in a clinical setting with a 24-hour nurse on staff. It may be required for certain procedures that require a higher level of nursing care to manage pain or symptoms.

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