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Hospice Services

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At Mesun Health Services, Inc. we work closely with the patient’s primary caregivers and doctors. We associate with insurers, local community organizations, and hospitals to ensure the greatest comfort for our patients. This entails addressing the pain, high financial burden and fears that are often associated with an incurable illness.

There are four levels of care provided by hospices in the United States. Patients receiving hospice services will be on one of these four levels. A hospice patient can move from one level to another depending on the services required to fulfill their needs. The unique needs of the patient, and the physician’s determination of medical necessity, will determine their individual level of care.

  • ROUTINE HOSPICE CARE – Is the primary level of hospice care. Routine Hospice Care includes intermittent visits from members of the Hospice Team. The location of Hospice Care is determined by where the patient calls home. The number and frequency of visits depends to meet the goals of the individual plan of care.
  • GENERAL INPATIENT CARE – During a period of time when the patient’s condition requires pain control or symptom management, inpatient level of care can be provided in our Medicare certified hospice house. GIP for symptom management is a valuable tool that allows hospice staff to provide clinical services to a degree that cannot typically be provided in a patient’s home. It is intended for specific circumstances and for a short duration of time and thus must be carefully managed from start to finish.
  • CONTINUOUS CARE – During a crisis situation, hourly care can be provided for 8 to 24 hours a day until the crisis is resolved. Continuous home care (CHC) is one of the four levels of hospice care. The definition of continuous home care is meant to include nursing care, covered on a continuous basis for as much as 24 hours a day to achieve palliation and management of acute medical symptoms. Either homemaker or hospice aide services or both may be covered during a period of crisis, but the care must be predominantly nursing care. Continuous home care is only furnished during brief periods of crisis and only as necessary to maintain the terminally ill patient at home.
  • RESPITE CARE – Available on an occasional basis, inpatient respite care is also provided in our Medicare certified hospice house in order to offer a brief rest (up to five days) to families and caregiver.

Specialized Services/Programs:

  • EZ Breathing Program – Mesun Health Services, Inc. recognizes the unique needs of patients with chronic respiratory illnesses such as COPD. Our EZ Breathing Program was specifically developed to meet those needs and help patients decrease unwanted, expensive hospitalization… Learn More
  • Heart @ Home – Mesun Health Services, Inc. has created the Heart @ Home program for end stage cardiac patients and their loved ones. Our program is designed to meet the special needs on those living with end stage cardiac disease… Learn More

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